Math Monkeys is a multiplayer educational game that allows classmates to play against one another in real time while practicing math. A host sets up a game to be played by specifying the rotation of maps and the types of questions presented. The players compete by attempting to capture math towers by answering questions. The players are broken into two or more teams and must work together to answer questions quickly and protect captured towers from the opposing team. The first team to capture every math tower on the map will win the round.



The game is played as a series of rounds among the players. During each round, players are divided into two or more teams (the exact number depends on the map selected for the current round). Each team must work together to capture all of the math towers on the map for their team. A math tower can be captured by approaching the tower and clicking it. A question will be randomly generated and given to the player to solve. If they correctly answer it, then the player will have partially captured the tower for their team. Doing this three times will fully capture the tower. Fully capturing every tower on the map for a single team will win the round for that team.



A host controls the details of a game. This includes the rotation of maps in the game. Depending on the amount of players that will be playing the game, a smaller or larger map might be prefered. Maps also determine the number of teams that the players will be divided into. The host also selects which types of questions are presented in the game. For example, a geometry teacher may want to concentrate on questions concerning area and volume for an upcoming quiz. In the hosting program, they can simply select only these types of questions to appear. There are a multitude of question types available and more are being added all the time.

During the game, the host has additional controls to guide the course of the game. If a player is acting inappropriately, the host may kick them out of the game. If the teams are unbalanced, the host can switch individual players to different teams. In addition, the host can view statistics of the game as it progresses, such as the percentage of questions answered correctly by each player and the percentage of questions answered correctly for a given question type. These statistics can also be saved for later review.

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